Miss Lisa – Service Director (Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader)

Miss Lisa has worked in the early childhood industry for over a decade now and over the years has loved being involved in the growth and development of young children and watching them learn and explore in their own way into big school. Lisa  loves chatting and getting to know all our lovely families and their children. Lisa has her Diploma and Advanced Diploma in early childhood as well as her blue card and all first aid requirements.


Miss Emma – ECT (Early Childhood Teacher) / Assistant Director

Miss Emma is a  senior educator and has previously worked with older children in an OSSHC. Emma’s passion is to interact and engage with the children in her care and challenge them with new and different things each day. She is always looking forward to meeting and chatting with all my lovely families. Emma holds her diploma in early childhood. & studying towards her Bachelor of Education. EC


Miss Melanie  – Senior Educator / 3rd in Charge

Miss Melanie works at PKK as an educator and sometimes senior educator and she is currently concentrating on, when  time allows working on her Diploma. Melanie loves being able to implement a variety of strategies that helps children learn, grow and develop. Melanie holds her certificate three, blue card and her first aid.


Miss Sarah – Senior Educator / Assistant Director 

Miss Sarah started at Petrie Kids Korner doing her practical placement while studying towards her certificate three in early education and care. Sarah loves working with children and is now working as a permanent member of our team. Sarah is also currently studying towards her diploma and holds her blue card and first aid.


Miss Gail – Casual Senior Educator / Sustainability Leader

Miss Gail is our regular casual senior educator and has been with us since completing her certificate three. Miss Gail also holds her Diploma, her first aid and her blue card. Gail brings her love for all things sustainable into our service and has been recently voted as our latest sustainability leader.


Miss Jessey – Casual Educator

Miss Liquorice (Black with White streaks)


Miss Popcorn  (Ginger & White)


Mr Maxi and Mr Poochie  – Guinea Pigs 


Canaries – Miss Yella (yellow head) and Mr Spot (black spot on head)


Miss Penny (white) and Miss Molasses (black) – Chickens